“ Travellers never think that they are the foreigners. ”

- Mason Cooley

Membership Benefits

  • Condos & Villas Worldwide
  • Family Resorts
  • Ski Resorts
  • Golf Holidays
  • Discounted Cruises, Tours and Vacation Packages
  • Special Vacations and Member Perks


When asking yourself why you should seek membership, remember that Club Tropical Vacation Club not only embraces, but has also expanded upon our fundamental core beliefs. These include:

Flexibility: The Club itself is as flexible as it is simple


In addition to striving to continually provide our members and guests with products and services that truly represent good value for money, we also value the interaction, involvement and feedback from our member base.

Quality: Maintaining the quality of our guest accommodations, facilities and services is vital in the provision of a holiday environment where members can truly unwind, relax and enjoy far away from the stress and strain of modern day life.

Integrity: Our policy of openness and consistency is key to the implementation of ethical values and relationships, both from within our organization and also with our valued members.

Personal: When it comes to vacation planning everybody has different needs and expectations. Here at Club Tropical we have tailored our products and services in a way that we feel can match even the most demanding customers needs down to the very beginner!

Security: All our Purchasers have an excellent fully independent consumer and legal protection established by a specialist vacation ownership trustee called Hutchinson & Co Trust Company Ltd offering escrow services and duly audited inventory management for the Club. The company is widely recognized as an industry leader for providing Vacation Ownership client services.